Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 8 of 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger

Teach42 says, “For today’s challenge, find two blogs to leave a comment on. One can be a favorite that you’ve commented on before, but the other should be a blog you’ve never left a response on until now. Bonus points for going beyond the ‘required’ two!”

I have to admit that I really like seeing comments on my blog. I really got excited the first time I got a comment and I still feel amazed when I see that people took time to comment on what I write. I have seen other people say how much they hate to leave comments because it takes time or they don’t know what to say. Even my own husband complains about leaving comments because he worries about spelling and grammar. I keep trying to tell him that his thoughts count more than spelling or grammar. Sometimes when I am excited about what I’m saying, I accidentally leave off a letter or two and I don’t proof what I’ve written. After I’ve sent it, I read it again and realize my mistakes but I don’t let myself agonize over that. I don’t feel like the person getting the comment is going to be offended if I make a spelling error or if my grammar isn’t perfect. And even if they are offended, I feel better that I shared my thoughts.

I have to admit that I like the conversation that occurs in blogs and I tend to leave so many comments that I worry people may think I’m some kind of weird stalker. Of course I know how much I like to get comments and since I truly believe what goes around, comes around, I try to leave as many comments as I can. Whenever a teacher lets me know that his/her class is blogging and asks that we leave comments, I rush over to see what they have written. I love the innocence that a student has when they write. It seems so important that they share their thoughts and you can feel their hopes that there is someone out there listening. If I don’t leave a comment, I feel negligent as a teacher and as a person in not encouraging them to continue. I hope that I can motivate others by leaving comments when they need them.

photo credit: Original image: 'Rosie the Blogger' Mike Licht


Anonymous said...

It's great that you are a "compulsive commenter." I often don't take the time, and I plan to try harder to do so.

Anonymous said...

I hope to have more comments some day :-)
I like to read comments because it makes me feel that someone read me,even though I have stats.

loonyhiker said...

pam and angelesb: Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know you like comments on your blog. I'll be free-er to leave 'em. I always wonder if I comment too much.

Clix said...

I know I don't comment enough! I always feel like my thoughts are in a jumble. However, I have things in order for once - I've been given the opportunity to pass an award on to you! Stop by to check it out and keep it going :D

loonyhiker said...

Margaret and Clix: Thanks so much for commenting. I really enjoy reading them!