Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 3 of 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger

Today’s challenge from Teach42 involves writing a thank you note to another blogger who has linked to me. I started to think of the many people who have linked to me so it was hard to think of just one person.

Dear Joel of So You Want to Teach? ,
I really enjoy reading your blog and have it in my Google Reader so I don’t miss any of your updates. Last year you featured me in your November Reader Appreciation post and I was so honored. You see, I had only been writing my blog for about 2 months, so I was amazed that you would include me in your post. By doing this, you motivated me to continue to blog and share my ideas and views. Sometimes I would get discouraged and not sure that anyone was even interested in knowing what my thoughts were and I’d think about your post and how it helped me. Thank you for being there for me!

Photo credit: Original image: 'Thank You!' by: Vern Hart


Joel said...

Wow. I don't really know how to respond, but somehow I know I should. Thank you so much. I'm so glad that I inspired you to keep blogging.

loonyhiker said...

Joel: I really enjoy your blog too!