Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Inclusion Discussion

We had a great Council for Exceptional Children Chapter 877 online meeting last week which ended up being a discussion about Inclusion. The original topic was homework and other subjects that pop up and I feel it ended up being a great discussion about inclusion. Amanda, one of our members is a resource teacher on the middle school level, Faye is technology teacher, and Lisa is a 5th grade teacher. It just so happens that Lisa’s class is also an inclusion class so I had lots of questions for her. I really appreciate Lisa coming into the discussion and letting me throw lots of questions about her program out to her. Lisa and Christine are coteachers in an inclusion class which I feel is what inclusion should really look like in an elementary school class. I’m not sure how inclusion could work on the high school level with so many different subjects and so many different students but this is a good way to start looking at the possibilities. If you are interested in hearing the discussion, please click this link to hear the replay.
If you look to the right of the picture, you can click on the tab labeled “chat” to see more of the conversation. Participants could have a webcam, a microphone or just type in to chat. In this meeting, we had all 3.

Since our state conference is at the end of January, our next meeting will take place in February. I will announce the date and details on the CEC 877 wiki. Our tentative topics are talking about the conference and I’d like to get someone to come on and talk about the Universal Design for Learning. So please watch this blog or the wiki for more details.

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