Thursday, July 6, 2017

Zombie Knitpocalypse 2017

Day 1 6/21/17 - Wednesday:

We got there early and our room wasn’t ready so we went to the Public Library’s Used Book store. While we were there, we heard there was a big book sale in the auditorium so we bought books from both places. We also heard that the next day would be the big sale where you could get a bag of books for $8! Then we took our books to the car before going to the ZK registration and I got my badge and goodie bag filled with wonderful treasures. After that, we went to dinner at Potbelly and Gelato. I returned so I can spend the rest of the evening knitting with everyone in the ballroom.

Day 2 6/22/17 Thursday:

After breakfast at the Mayo Clinic Cafeteria, I went back to knit with the group. I peeked in the class on Book Folding and enjoyed hearing Artluvr teach the class. She gave me some paper instructions and I want to give it a try. Watching her helped calm me down before I had to teach the afternoon class. At 11am I went to hear Megan and Cori talk about their new book. It was wonderful to hear the back story about the book along with seeing and touching the samples of all of their patterns. Then I met Don for lunch and we went back to the cafeteria. After lunch I went to my classroom to set up everything. Jen (Daizieknits) brought in all of her turkish drop spindles for my students to borrow. The spindles were made by her on a 3D printer and they were beautiful. These would be on sale on Saturday ($15 for one set, $20 for the both sets of arms). The 1 hour class went well and all 9 students seem to catch on easily. After that, I went back to knitting with the group until Don and I went to PotBelly for dinner again. That night we had a giant pajama party where we made s’mores! It was so much fun! The photobooth was a hit also! There were prize drawings but I didn’t win anything that night.

Day 3 6/23/17 Friday:

Don and I went to the cafeteria again for breakfast. Then we met in the lobby at 8:45 for the 5K. At 9 we did the 5K and we finished in 52:07. After that, I participated in the mini-skein swap and was a proxy for someone else who was in class. Then I went to the 11:00 Short rows class which was great! The 9 students seemed to catch on and I was happy that they all were successful. I had time to grab a pizza before class. Megan’s daughter Ellie and Megan’s mom, Jill joined me for lunch. At 2pm, I taught another drop spindle class where everyone was successful again. Then I knit with the group until it was time to meet for our group photo. Then Megan and Amy took all of the teachers out to dinner. We went to Victoria’s and I got Tenderloin Tips over pasta. When we got back, we had a popcorn party and heard Susan B. Anderson talk. She was awesome!

Day 4 6/24/17 Saturday:

We had breakfast at Pannekoeken. Then I went back to relax until the vendor market opened. I bought about $200 worth of yarn and fiber. At 3pm, I helped YarnGeekFibers pack up her booth. I also helped Susan B. Anderson and her family (Evan and Molly) pack up their booth. When we were carrying bags to their van, we had an interesting encounter with a couple in the elevator. The man was angry because he was late for a wedding and got a little nasty. Then before we could get everything loaded, it started to rain but didn’t last long. At 5:30, we had the closing ceremonies and prize drawings. I won a skein of Dyeabolical yarn.

Things I Learned:

1.     I had a wonderful time!
2.     I loved making new friends and seeing old friends.
3.     I enjoyed teaching the drop spindle class.
4.     Without a classroom set of drop spindles, the class would not have been as successful.
5.     I enjoyed helping the vendors pack up.
6.     I picked yarns that were outside my comfort zone.


artsluvr said...

Pat I am a fan of yours, always smiling, your compliment of my class means so much to me. Thank you

Tasha said...

I had so much fun hanging out with you. I have our photo booth pictures in my wallet and it makes me smile every time I see it.