Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bucket List

In Sunrise... Sunset from Sioux's Page, Sioux Roslawski asks

“Going to the Grand Canyon was on my "bucket list." What is on yours?”

I have been lucky enough to accomplish a lot of things in my life and been able to cross off things from my bucket list. I have a wonderful husband who has worked hard to help me achieve things off my bucket list.

Here are some things I have already crossed off my bucket list:
1.     Become a teacher.
2.     Learn to play a guitar.
3.     Get a degree from Furman University.
4.     Learn to knit.
5.     Visit Paris.
6.     Go up the Eiffel Tower.
7.     Visit London.
8.     See the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
9.     Visit China.
10.  Walk the Great Wall of China.
11.  Visit Thailand
12.  Visit the Grand Canyon.
13.  Visit Devil’s Tower
14.  Visit Yellowstone National Park
15.  Visit Yosemite National Park
16.  Visit Alcatraz.
17.  Visit San Diego
18.  Visit Disney Land in California
19.  Ride up the coast of California
20.  Ride down the coast of Oregon

Here are some things that are still on my bucket list:
1.     Visit Macchu Picchu in Peru
2.     Travel to all 50 states. (I’m only missing Hawaii).
3.     Visit Ireland.
4.     Visit Scotland.
5.     Visit Greece
6.     Visit Germany
7.     Visit Austria
8.     Visit Budapest
9.     Visit the Norwegian Fjords.
10.  Take a river cruise in Europe.

What’s on your bucket list? Please share.

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