Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Travel Experience

In Welcome to Florida! From Lisa Ricard Claro – Author, Lisa Ricard Claro asks,

“What travel experiences have you had? Have you ever traveled with pets? What is your most memorable travel experience?”

I have had a lot of travel experiences because we love to travel.

We love road trips in our car and have traveled numerous times around the country. We have gone away anywhere from one month to three months and then I start getting homesick. We bring our tent with us and mix it up between camping and staying in motels. I love seeing new places and meeting new people.

We also love to cruise! We’ve been on 52 cruises so far on different cruise lines. We have cruised on Carnival, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, and MSC. All of them have different features that we like. I would like to try other cruise lines too if the prices were right. We also look at the destinations to where they go when deciding on a cruise. I prefer the eastern and southern Caribbean rather than the western Caribbean. Of course, I just love being on the ship.

I don’t mind flying if I have to and we have done some international travel. We spent 30 days in China and Thailand. We have also been to England and France. We flew to Italy one year and did a 12 day cruise around the Mediterranean and stopped in Rome, Naples, Sicily, Venice (2 days), Croatia, Barcelona, Cannes, and Florence, Italy.

One of my wishes is to do a cross country trip on a train. I’ve never spent the night on a train and I think it would be fun.

I have only traveled with pets one time that I can remember. We bought 8 tropical birds in FL and had to travel to SC with them in boxes for 12 hours. It was a scary and noisy ride home. Once we got home, we spent the whole night built cages for them and in the morning I went to work!  Boy, was I exhausted!

My most memorable travel experience was when I celebrated my 50th birthday on the Carnival Miracle cruise ship. We had sailed with this captain several times and had gotten to know him. He invited us to have dinner at the Captain’s table with him one night and had the whole dining room sing Happy Birthday to me! Then he invited us on the Bridge to watch us pull out of the port in Nassau. It was a fabulous birthday!

I think it is good to share our travel experiences with my students because it broadens their horizons. We look at the places on the map and we talk about the different landmarks we have seen. I also like to talk about the different cultures we come across on the cruise ship and how so many different people live together and get along on a ship.

Do you travel? Where do you like to go? What was your most memorable travel experience? Please share.

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