Tuesday, July 18, 2017

QR Codes and Augmented Reality

QR Codes and Augmented Reality

Last week I attended the Upstate Technology Conference 2017 and one of the sessions I went to was #Scannable Technology: Using QR codes and Augmented Reality with the ACES framework by Monica Burns. The website for the presentation was http://classtechtips.com/utc17.

Scannable technology is an interaction of mobile devices and a trigger image to connect users with content.

Make sure you are purposeful when you put QR codes in places. Putting them in a subway or on the side of a bus is not an appropriate place.

QR codes can bring you to images, websites, audio, files, and videos.

QR code maker – Qrstuff.com

To make an audio QR code – Qrvoice.net or Vocaroo.com

Use QR codes for book reports, send info to parents

Augmented reality – scanning an augmented reality trigger for a real-life experience.

There are special apps with special triggers

Quivervision.com – “QuiverVision produces and publishes the most creative and captivating Augmented Reality mobile apps for kids, families and schools.”

Augmented Basketball

Augmented Stargazing – don’t need printed trigger; uses location as a trigger

Anatomy 4D

Build your own augmented reality – Blippar

Access, Curate, Engage, Share

Access + Curate = Differentiate

Newsela – great news platform for different reading levels.  

Brainspace Magazine – an interactive magazine for kids 8-14

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