Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Make Your Own Adventure – Virtual Field Trips Without Leaving Your Classroom

I attended this session at the Upstate Technology Conference 2017 that was presented by Amanda Youngblood. You can access her presentation here.

VR places the person in the moment or story.

You can use VR in science, social sciences, arts, language arts, and special education

Only 2 % of teachers use VR in the classroom.

We were given Google Cardboard to try with out phones. We downloaded Google Expeditions and Google Streetview.

Unfortunately the Wi-Fi wasn’t cooperating and we weren’t able to use the Google Cardboard.

When using Expeditions, the teacher needs to use the LEAD button. Make sure you download an expedition. Then you must start it before a student can find it on their device. They will use the FOLLOW button.

The Google cardboard needs to be on the same Wi-Fi as the phone.

Other Apps:
Cardboard Camera
Cultural Institute
YouTube 360

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