Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Silent Soccer Games

Recently in the news I saw something about “Parents at S.C. youth soccer games required to be silent under new rules.”  The whole idea of this sounds crazy and wrong to me.

“Under the new code of conduct, all parents and visitors are required to be silent during games, with no cheering or jeering allowed. Parents are not allowed to “openly question an official’s judgment and honesty…

In the event of a parent or visitor violating this rule, on the first instance during a game the referee will ask the coach to counsel his parents/visitors to remain silent. On the second instance during the game, the referee will tell the coach to counsel his parents/visitors to remain silent. Upon the third instance during the game the referee will direct the coach to dismiss the offending spectator(s). If they do not leave or the coach refuses, the coach will be sent off. If there is not a qualified adult present to continue coaching the game, the game will be abandoned and the circumstances reported to SCYSA.”

I understand that some adults do not know how to act appropriately. If they are using profanity, threatening others, or breaking the law in any way, then the police should be called.

Instead of teaching children the appropriate way to act, we are not showing them anything. This is not the way real life is and shouldn’t be that way. We should be teaching children how to cheer and encourage our teams. We should be teaching them good sportsmanship which is not being totally quiet at a game.

I think this is such an infringement on freedom of speech. If I go to see a game, I don’t have any child on the team but I might be a relative or a friend of a child’s family. I might not know the rules but if it isn’t against the law, why should they penalize the team if I cheer for the team?

If I wanted to hurt the other team, what would keep me from going to the other side, and cheering/jeering so that team is punished for my actions? I wonder how these rules are going to be enforced and how consistent and fairly will they be enforced?

Actions like this may discourage people from attending events or supporting teams. I know it would keep me away from watching the sport. Eventually people won’t be there or want their children on a team and the sport will go away from lack of interest. If you liked this sport, wouldn’t you want to encourage others to play it, watch it, and support it?

What do you think about these rules? Please share.


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