Thursday, April 21, 2016

Out of My Comfort Zone

In Hot Dog! From Sioux's Page, Sioux asks,

“So what are you going to try that's out of your comfort zone?”

Well, last week I did something out of my comfort zone so this is not what I’m going to do but rather what I’ve done.

First of all, let me tell you again if you haven’t heard, that I grew up being encouraged to be an academic and not an artist. I had an older sister who was an artist and she was creative where I was not. Everyone swore that I was the smartest in the family destined to make something of myself over everyone else in the family. I was encouraged to study, make good grades, and not even think about being creative. If I tried and failed, I usually got a pat on the head and told that it was expected and not to bother hoping for more.

So, last week, I went to our university event where seniors give major presentations in each department and each professor is encouraged to go to their department presentations AND go to other department presentations.

This year I decided to go to the Art department. I guess I’m an “artist wannabee” and hoped I would find it interesting. I know nothing about art, how to interpret it, how to create it, how to understand it or even how to create it so I was going way beyond my comfort zone!

When I first got to the lecture hall I felt really out of place. Everyone seemed to know each other and looked at me, wondering who I was. I smiled at everyone as I sat on the side of the room trying to be invisible.

Then the 3 presentations began and I was enthralled! The students showed pictures of their work while explaining how and why they created it. Hearing the background behind each was enlightening as well as educational. Different ideas/theories/names were mentioned that made me want to learn more!

After going to this I want to try to incorporate some of the ideas in my knitting and doodling.

I realized that there are no right or wrongs in art. Creating from the heart that conveys a message can be displayed in different ways.

I am doing a daily doodle challenge and I was very tentative at first, wondering if people think my doodles are stupid or ugly. Now I feel more confident and want to try to see if I can convey a message through my doodles.

I think this would be a great lesson for my students who feel stifled and afraid to express themselves creatively. My actions and experiences would be a great example for them when they see that even a teacher has doubts and anxiety. Sharing creative examples together might encourage them to be more open. Sharing and explaining what was created, knowing there is no right or wrong, may open many different lines of communication/

What have you done outside your comfort zone? Please share.

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loonyhiker said...

Sioux left this comment and I accidentally deleted it instead of publishing it so I copied and pasted her comment here:

"Pat--First, thanks for the shout out.

Second, you're right. There is no right and wrong in art. Yes, some is more pleasing to the eye than others, but art is a vent. An expression.

Third, do you know about Zentangle? Google the word (or "free zentangle patterns") and you will be on the brink of looking at thousands of patterns to use when doing the stylized doodling."