Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Monthly Review of Goals for March 2016

I had a very productive month in January. I worked out a lot and tried to eat healthier. I really worked on my goals too because I knew I would have to review them at the end of the month.

1.     Lose 10 lbs.
a.     As of 1/31/16 – lost 2 lbs. from initial weight
b.     As of 2/28/16 – lost .5 lbs. from initial weight
c.     As of 3/31/16 – gained 1 lb. from initial weight
2.     Spin 52 oz. of fiber 
a.     As of 3/31/16 – spun 16 oz.
3.     Use at least 5 skeins of my handspun 
a.     As of 3/31/16 – still working on my Celtic Myths shawl with some purple fiber. Finished 2 skeins and starting on the 3rd one.
4.     Use at least 3 skeins from my stash that was bought in 2015 or earlier.
a.     As of 1/31/16 – one skein of Fishknits (Geek Socks)
5.     Knit 132 squares on my Mitered Square Sock Yarn blanket.
a.     January – knit 11 squares
b.     February – knit 10 squares
c.     March – knit 11 squares
6.     Walk at least 1320 miles. 
a.     January – 146.11 miles
b.     February -  133.7 miles
c.     March -  151.67
7.     Name 3 things from the day before that I’m thankful for.
a.     Completed up to 3/31/16
8.     Write down one thing that my husband did the day before that I really appreciate.
a.     Completed up to 3/31/6/16
9.     Balance my checkbook, check credit card statements, and pay bills weekly.  
a.     Completed up to 3/31/16 – still getting used to new bank system
10.  Try 12 new recipes. I have been making the same old stuff when we are at home and think I need to try to liven up our meals.  
a.     January – One Pot Mexican Skillet Pasta
b.     February – One Pan Black Beans Chicken and Rice (added kale)
11.  Work in my yard/garden at least 12 times.
a.     January - Picked up branches and limbs in the yard
b.     March – Worked in the yard 3 different days! I love Spring!
12.  Read 12 non-fiction books.
a.     Voices in the Ocean by Susan Casey
b.     The Words We Live By by Linda R. Monk
c.     Life by the Cup by Zhena Muzyka
d.     Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg
e.     Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown
f.      Dancing Through Life: Steps of Courage and Conviction by Candace Cameron Bure

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