Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Furman Engaged 2016

Last week I attended Furman Engaged which according to the website,

celebrates the wide variety of undergraduate research, scholarship and creativity of our undergraduates. Launched by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Internships in 2009, this annual event brings our campus community and visitors together for a day of presentations, posters and performances across Furman's campus. Our students present topics from a range of disciplines, from research in the sciences and humanities to creative works in the fine arts.”

I love going to the presentations within the education department and also others. Here is the link to the photos I took.  Here are the presentations that I attended or saw:

Education Department:
1.     Bipolar in the classroom by Page Empson - Definition, symptoms, Mania and depression,  Help by Early intervention, accommodations, may have IEP or 504, Carrie Fischer quote from Wishful Drinking
2.     Reservation schools by Kayla Schauss - Role of poverty and role of culture and religion, 237% more likely to drop out
3.     Students in the foster care system by Caroline Hawkins and Ashley McCollum - 500,000 children in foster care every day; Provide consistency, advocate for the child, develop reasonable expectations, plan lesson plans with sensitivity.
4.     How children with Alcoholic Parents suffer in schools by Rebekah Clyborne and Alyson Cotter - Emotional trauma, basic needs have to be met,  encourage, don't punish him for things beyond his control
5.     The impact of white, female teachers on diverse students by Kelly Rae - Role models, minority students outnumber minority teachers; Diversity gap - difference between race and socioeconomic status of a student and his/her teacher.

Art Department:
6.     To Be Yourself by Lauren McMullan - 4 friendships (see photo)
7.     7. 3D  by Ben Riddle – Tabernacle website and facebook page and YouTube Video; geodesic dome
8.     One Lingering Moment by Jack McCall – painting

Communications Department
9.     Why not manage a football team? By Bronwyn Frank - Director of operations has a lot of duties’ Travel 70 players, 12 coaches, 3+ assistants, 9-12 athletic  trainers, 7 equipment managers, 3 filmers; Needs transportation, food, lodging ; Brochures can't use current players.
10.  10. Livewell by Megan Kennedy - Make the healthy choice the easy choice
11.  FU marketing and public relations by Tori Levine - Certain purple and font that has to be used
12.  Berea Soccer Media by Sergio Lopez-Cuevas
13.  Town by Katherine Meis - Working for a community magazine
14.   Campus recreation internship by Hannah Catherine Smith – Works at the PAC

Biology Department:
15.  How to Save Lives through a Website and a Journal by Kayla Wiles – poster session

 Original photo by Pat Hensley

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