Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Bookshelf Poem

A long time ago, I read this post: A Poem... On Your Bookshelf from Sioux's Page. Sioux challenges,

Now your mission (if you choose to accept it AND if you're old enough to remember the opening bit of every "Mission: Impossible" show) Create a book spine poem. Have fun with it. After all, this poem will be almost effortless...”

For months, this has stuck in my head and I wondered what books I had on my shelf that could become a poem. Obviously I’m too critical because after getting almost 50 books off my shelves and trying to rearrange them into a poem, I finally got one that I liked. Here is a photo of my bookshelf poem:

I think this would be a lot of fun to do with students in the school library or the classroom library. To keep from creating a mess for the librarian though, I would make a template of books and let students fill in the titles (and dewey decimal ID) at the bottom for you to check for accuracy. Then they can color in the template and present their bookshelf poem to the class.

What’s on your bookshelf that can become a book spine poem? Please share.

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