Thursday, May 4, 2017

Social Media in Schools

“School is a place to learn from mistakes. Caring adults surrounding our kids can help rectify poor choices and turn the experience into a ‘teachable moment.’”

I don’t see how blocking social media from my students is going to help them be productive citizens in today’s society.

Many businesses use social media for advertising and connecting with consumers. I have seen every industry using this platform.

Colleges and employers are checking social media sites for prospective candidates.

If I allow students to use social media, I can guide them and help them learn appropriate ways to use it in order to be successful in their careers.

I can help them learn appropriate ways to interact with others.

This can be compared to driving a car. Just because some people use cars inappropriately (for example: speeding, evading police, reckless driving), I don’t see society stopping students from driving. We even have Driver’s Education classes in schools so we can teach  them how to appropriately and safely drive a car.

Some people read books that others may see as immoral. As a teacher, I try to teach students that reading can open their worlds and they have to choose what they like to read. When they become adults, they may choose reading material that many do not like or approve of but that is a decision the reader must make. We don’t stop teaching reading because the student may choose some inappropriate material to read.

Maybe we should have social media classes available to our students and offer it as an elective. We can show them how to safely use it. We can also show them what is appropriate and explain what may be inappropriate. In this class, we can also show them how colleges may use their information to decide whether to accept them as a student. Employers may use this as a way to decide if they may be a good employee or not.

I believe the more we try to convince the students that they shouldn’t be on social media, the more we are pushing them towards this. Some students like to rebel and this is one way for them to do so.

As an adult, I like and use social media. It is not illegal or immoral if used appropriately which I absolutely try to do.  I think I can be a good role model for students who use social media.

How do you feel about students using social media? Please share. 

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