Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Echo Dot and Smart Plugs - Review

A few months ago, I went to an Assistive Technology conference and heard about the Amazon Echo Dot and Smart Plugs. I thought I would give it a try so I ordered the Echo Dot and a smart plug online and there was almost a month back order on it. About a week later, we went to Sam’s Club and found two smart plugs so we bought them. Then we went to Best Buy and the Echo Dot was available now so we bought it. Of course I cancelled my online orders and was so excited to get to try both now.

I installed the smart plug which included downloading the Wink app. Then I had to download the iHome app and link the two of them together. After that, I had to install the Echo Dot and then link that to the iHome app. I plugged a lamp in and decided to try that and see how it worked.

The Echo Dot only cost me $49 and it is a fun toy. I like asking Alexa for the weather, to play Pandora music, or to tell me a joke. The best thing is that once I set up a shopping list on Todoist, I can tell Alexa to add things to the list. Then I can access the Todoist app on my phone and have the shopping list available wherever I am.

Unfortunately most of the time, the connection between the Echo Dot and the smart plug is disconnected. I end up having to reinstall the plug in Wink, iHome and then connecting it to the Dot. At first, the plug worked okay and I even scheduled the light to come on and off at a certain time one day a week. Then it started going offline more frequently. Now it seems like I go through the reinstall each day only to find out a few hours later, that it doesn’t work.

I think if I had to do it all over again, I would get the Echo Dot. In fact, we might get one for the kitchen so my hubby can add to the shopping list when he wants something. I also like the ability to listen to my music when I’m cleaning or cooking.

I don’t think I would get a smart plug again. Maybe eventually the smart plugs will work better but I was disappointed in this plug. It is too much of a hassle every day to try to get it to work and then find out a few hours later that it doesn’t work again.

Have you tried the Dot or smart plugs? Please share your experience with me.


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