Thursday, May 18, 2017

School Bus Safety

For years, I have taken students to a bus and practiced a bus evacuation drill. Many times teachers and students fuss about the time it takes. Everybody seems to hate it, until there comes a time that you need to use it in an actual situation.

Last week, a bus caught on fire and the students had to evacuate. You can read the article here: Students OK after school bus fire in Spartanburg Co.

I’m so glad the students notified the bus driver about the smoke and I’m so glad that the bus driver followed procedures and got all of the students off safely. I believe that if the bus drivers weren’t trained in evacuation procedures, this might not have had a happy ending. I’m glad the students followed her directions too.

So, when students and teachers complain about the next bus safety drill, I hope to remind them that this an emergency could and has happened.

Have you ever experienced a bus emergency? Please share.

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