Monday, May 1, 2017

Back of the Book Blurb #58 Challenge

From Sioux's PageSioux offers this challenge.

She posts a picture and you need to imagine it as a graphic for a book. You choose the genre and book title, and then write a blurb that might appear on the back of the book.

The blurb should be 150 words or less (not including the title). The genre is wide-open.
Each blogger should include their blurb on their own blog, and link back to this post. Have fun with it. Go to the other posts and comment on the other blurbs.  You can do fancy techy things with the photo.

(Join in if you dare...! It sounds like fun! I think this would be a lot of fun to do with students especially since they would be expected to write 150 words or less!)

The Next Door Neighbor

Fluffy was excited about moving into the new house. His family said the people next door had a pet too. He was lonely at his old place because there was no one to play with there.

When everyone left for the day, Fluffy went to introduce himself to the new neighbor. He jumped over the fence into their yard and was speechless because there in the yard was a small couch holding a humongous cat.

After looking at him with disdain, the humongous cat decided to speak. “Who are you, you despicable thing?”

Fluffy tiptoed over and meekly said, “I’m Fluffy, the cat next door. Who are you?”

The big cat answered, “I’m the Queen, the Queen of Sheba. Do you like adventures? I’m bored. Let’s go on an adventure!”

And away they went. Read on to find out what adventures they found!  (143 words)

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Pat--I think your Queen of Sheba and my Queen B would get along well. Thanks for the post.