Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Get Outdoors

Now that spring is here and the school year is ending, it is time to think about activities that will get students and teachers outdoors. Too many times we want kids to do summer reading and teachers want to plan for the next year. We tend to want to be a couch potato and plop in front of the TV or do video games. STOP! Instead, get outdoors! Here are some suggestions for all ages.

·      Check out your local State or National Parks and see what ranger led activities are available.
·      Plant a garden – either vegetable or flower gardens.
·      Take a nature photo a day.
·      Go on a hike.
·      Have a picnic outdoors.
·      Go camping.
·      Wash your cars.
·      Sit in a pretty place outside to read or knit or just enjoy nature.
·      Go for a walk in your neighborhood.
·      Go to a town and walk around Main St. to window-shop.
·      Do your exercising outdoors. If you do aerobics or yoga or Pilates, do it outside.
·      Visit a local garden or plant nursery.
·      Visit a zoo.
·      Sketch a flower that you see outside.

What other ideas can you think of to get outdoors? Please share.

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