Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why I’m Opposed to School Choice

Charters and privates can provide child-centered, innovative learning environments that the government prevents public schools from embracing.

The government has rules for public schools that are different than those for charter and private schools. Then everyone talks about how much better charter and private schools are. The government is holding public schools back from succeeding. So, I don’t want my tax money to support charter and private schools. Instead I want my money to support public schools and make them better. It seems like the government is setting up public schools to fail and then have the public blame the public-school educators.

I think we need to start asking the legislators questions such as why they are allowing this to happen? Why do we allow charter and private schools to do the things that public schools should be doing? If this was the case, maybe we wouldn’t even need charter and private schools!

People say they like charter and private schools because they are innovative and meet the student’s needs. That is because they are not being restrained by all the regulations that public schools are being strangled with. Public schools used to be innovative and meet student’s needs so why not return to doing so?

If these regulations are so important, why aren’t charter and private schools held to the same standards? Some people say that this will keep them from succeeding. Isn’t that what we did to public schools?

If the government knows that charter and private schools are being successful with innovative measures, why don’t they stop strangling public schools and allow them the same flexibility? Why do they continue to insist on holding students back and blaming it all on public school educators? Many in the public don’t understand educational strategies like educators do and the only thing they want are results. The public is being sold a bill of goods that stinks like rotten cabbage. Students in public education can be highly successful if they let educators go back to educating and politicians, who have no clue, move out of the way.

I think it is time for the public to stand up for public schools and insist that our tax money goes to making public schools effective for everybody. We shouldn’t go back to the dark ages where education is only available for the elite. Some people will say that is the purpose of giving school vouchers so that everyone who wants to can attend private schools. Isn’t that the purpose of public schools? Public schools are available for everyone at no extra cost and that is the way it should be. If people want to send their children to private schools for religious purposes, we should not be mixing money between church and state.

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