Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Child’s Haven – Update

Last week I wrote about my visit to A Child’s Haven and since then I’ve heard from Laurie Rovin, the Executive Director of A Child’s Haven. When I went to visit the facility, I was observing it from a teacher’s point of view and saw the situation as a school but she has clarified some information for me and I feel it is important to share it with you. Rather than try to paraphrase the information she gave me, I’m going to quote her (with her permission). Thank you so much Laurie for the clarification!

Thank you for visiting A Child’s Haven (ACH) and writing about us in your blog.  I’d love to chat with you sometime about our program, as to be fair to other schools,   we’re actually not a school.  We’re a child and family treatment center with a very high adult:child ratio.    All of the children who attend do have identified severe developmental delays – which are a result of environment, trauma, abuse or neglect.   A requirement to attend our program is the engagement by their caregiver/parent. 

What you observed presents “as a preschool,” however we’re actually a Child & Family Treatment Center.   Our team members are actually early childhood professionals and/or mental health clinicians.  Most, if not all children, who attend ACH have been kicked out of multiple “typical” child care programs.   Our “teaching” consists of individual and group therapy, coupled with weekly home visitation provided by our Family Support Counselors (FSC).  This two generation approach helps parents to learn positive discipline, communication and other strength based resiliency skills.    The overarching goal is for families to live in stable, healthy environments, absent of abuse and neglect enabling children to be successful in typical classrooms. 

ACH is one of three therapeutic child care models across SC ( Any help you can provide in assisting in correcting the message is greatly appreciated.”

Even with all of that, I still feel that this facility was a great place for children. I feel the staff and resources were high quality and the children were getting the best care possible. Again, thanks to A Child’s Haven for allowing me to come visit!

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