Wednesday, October 12, 2016


In Social networking: connecting to the past from Blue Skunk Blog, Doug Johnson mentions how so many people are afraid for students to put themselves out there online. Then he states,

“… I would argue that what most of we post are things we wish to remember - poems we've written, photos we've taken, narratives of our days, insights into our lives, remembrances of what and who we loved. I am glad mine are available for myself and others to find.”

I feel that is why I blog. I want to share many of my teaching experiences and knowledge with others. I want to remember the mistakes I had and hopefully share them with others so they don’t make the same mistake.

I want to share things that I’ve read and found inspirational or motivational in hopes that it will encourage others.

I want to journal about the fabulous trips that we have taken because no matter where we go, I’m always learning something new. I might learn something about where we have gone or from new people that we have met. By journaling about my trip, I can go back and look at what we’ve done or what we’ve seen. I’m also able to remember things we don’t want to do again or what we would do differently. By doing this, I hope I’m being a role model for others and showing how we can always expand our learning.

When I write about what I’m feeling or my opinion about something, it helps me clarify my thoughts. I also welcome comments that might help me make my thoughts clearer or they might try to change my opinion. I like learning how other people may see something.

I realize that over the years, my blog has been a helpful tool not just for others but also myself. As long as it is that, I will continue to blog. When it stops being fun or useful, it will be time to stop.

Do you blog? Why do you do it? If so, please share the link to your blog so I can make sure I read it!

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