Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

We have been watching the path of Hurricane Matthew and worried about my parents in southern FL. My father is 96 and my stepmom is 91 and live directly in the path of the hurricane. We hurriedly packed our car on Tuesday with supplies and headed south while it seemed as if everyone else was heading northwest to get away from the storm. We had a easy drive south even though we did get in traffic from a car hauler catching on fire. Luckily we had just passed an exit and was able to follow other cars down the emergency lane back up the on-ramp to get off the interstate.

The next day we put up the hurricane shutters over their windows and prepared to battle out the storm together.

This makes me appreciate my family so much. I’m so thankful for a loving supporting husband who was willing to get us here to be with them. I appreciate my parents so much and I’m so glad that we can be here together which I know makes them feel better (there is safety in numbers!).

At the time this is published, the storm should be hitting us with full force. I don’t know how we will fare but I ask that you keep us and everyone who is facing this massive major hurricane in your prayers.

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