Thursday, October 20, 2016

Autumn Activities

Since it is now fall in the northern hemisphere, leaves are changing colors. There are many fun activities you can do during this time.

Talk about the different colors you see in the fall. Have the students write down five colors and then go outside and find leaves for each color that they wrote down.

Trace a leaf on a piece of white paper and then use crayons to color it the way the leaf looks.

Lesson on why leaves change colors. There are many YouTube videos about this.

Pressed leaves – find colorful leaves and put them between newspaper. Then put heavy books on top of them for a week. You can laminate them or iron them between 2 sheets of waxed paper. Then tape to a window and let the sun shine through them.

Listen to the sounds you hear and make a list of what you hear. Save this for the spring and compare it to the sounds you hear then.

Collect seeds around you in Ziploc bags and identify the seeds.

Chart the fall temperatures for each day.

Write a poem about Autumn.

Pretend you are a leaf and write a story about your life.

These are just some activities that I’ve done with my students. If you know of any others that you liked to do, please share.

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