Thursday, February 11, 2016

Moth Repellent

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will see that I had new shelves built for my office. My pile of “stuff” was all unorganized and just kept piling up so I wanted these shelves. We thought about buying them from Lowes or Home Depot but my husband didn’t like the quality of them so we had a friend make these out of solid wood. I have to admit that I hated the sanding, caulking, and painting of these things but I’m glad the final look was perfect. It was exactly how I imagined they would look!

After sharing photos of my new shelves with friends, someone asked me if I was afraid that the moths would get into my yarn. I wasn’t afraid until she put that idea in my head. We really haven’t had any problems with moths (knock on wood) and I hope I don’t have any now but I will keep a close watch for them.

Then this morning I was watching a podcast while on the treadmill and the podcaster was talking about essential oils. I had forgotten that I read somewhere that lavender scent repels moths and I happened to have a lot of lavender essential oils on hand! I also had some hexipuffs (small stuffed hexagon shaped knitted items) that I thought about making into a blanket but I gave up. I decided that I could put the lavender essential oils on them and put them on each shelf with my yarn. Then hopefully they would repel any moths and it would make my office smell nice!

I thought this would be a fun lesson for students to do. I would have them find out natural insect repellents or natural home remedies that could be used. It is also important to point out that some people may have allergies so not everything should be used or not everything works for everybody. I think they would be surprised at what they would find out. Then I would  have them present their 3 most surprising research to the class.

Do you use any natural insect repellents or natural home remedies? If so, please share.

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Unknown said...

Then hopefully they would repel any moths and it would make my office smell nice!

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