Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Disney World February 2016

Last week we went to Disney World again but we only spent 3 days there. Since it was so cold, we decided to skip Animal Kingdom because we thought the animals would be inside somewhere staying warm.

It happened to be the week of Mardi Gras and Monday and Tuesday were horrendous with the big crowds! I would stay away from Disney around Mardi Gras weekend!

On Monday we went to Hollywood Studios so we could go to the new Star Wars Launch Bay. I was disappointed because it was kind of boring. There was a video we watched that had clips of all the Star Wars movies and then we walked around the exhibit which had models of items from the movies. There was also a couple of Meet the Characters exhibit. Overall, I think it was a waste of time. We didn’t go on the Tower of Terror because the lines were over an hour most of the day. Toy Story was shut down due to problems most of the day. When it did reopen, the line was 145 minutes long and there were people in line for it! We did go to the Stunt Show which I hear will shut down in April. We also

On Tuesday we went to the Magic Kingdom which was wonderful because my three knitting friends were there too and we got to meet up! Buzz Lightyear was shut down so we didn’t get to go there. We enjoyed the park but it was cold when we were there! Big Thunder Mountain is scheduled to be close April – July.

On Wednesday we went to Epcot and I was so disappointed that Soarin’ was closed until June. There was a new exhibit called Colortopia which was fun. I downloaded the app and when we walked around the World Showcase, it automatically downloaded color palettes onto the app. I can see using this for coordinating colors in my knitting.

I enjoy going to Disney and use Kenny the Pirate Crowd Calendar to decide which park to go into. I also found the link to Refurbishments which tell what rides are closed.

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