Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Likeable People

“What do you find that makes those with who you work likeable?”

Over the many years of teaching, I’ve found that I enjoy working more with certain kinds of teachers than others.

The people that I gravitate to are:
·      Passionate about teaching and enjoy their work. (I like to be around positive people.)
·      Looking for creative ways to teach concepts. (Love having conversations with teachers from other departments who are willing to bounce ideas around in order to come up with a good lesson.)
·      Doesn’t mind sharing strategies that work in their classroom. (When asked what is working in their classroom, they don’t mind sharing information).
·      Willing to chip in if needed. (When I was new to a school, I had an emergency IEP meeting that was called, and another teacher jumped right in and offered to do my bus duty for me. Since then we have become great friends!)
·      Offers emotional support when they see that I need it. (When I’m down and need encouragement, these people remind me the good things that I’ve done).

What a great question and a fun discussion for colleagues and for students!  
I think it would be insightful to have this discussion with colleagues and could learn a lot. It would be interesting if anything I do would be on the list and also interesting to learn if I need to change some things that I do.

 If I had this discussion with my students, it would be important to stress that no names may be used and all comments need to be given in a respectful way. This would be a great way to talk about interpersonal skills and skills for the workplace.

What would be on your list? Please share.

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