Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monthly Review of Goals for January 2016

I had a very productive month in January. I worked out a lot and tried to eat healthier. I really worked on my goals too because I knew I would have to review them at the end of the month.

1.     Lose 10 lbs.
a.     As of 1/31/16 – lost 2 lbs.
2.     Spin 52 oz. of fiber 
a.     As of 1/31/16 – spun 12 oz.
3.     Use at least 5 skeins of my handspun 
a.     As of 1/31/16 – started on my Celtic Myths shawl with some purple fiber.
4.     Use at least 3 skeins from my stash that was bought in 2015 or earlier.
a.     As of 1/31/16 – one skein of Fishknits (Geek Socks)
5.     Knit 132 squares on my Mitered Square Sock Yarn blanket.
a.     January – knit 11 squares
6.     Walk at least 1320 miles. 
a.     Total as of 1/31/16 – 146.11 miles
7.     Name 3 things from the day before that I’m thankful for.
a.     Completed up to 1/31/16
8.     Write down one thing that my husband did the day before that I really appreciate.
a.     Completed up to 1/31/16
9.     Balance my checkbook, check credit card statements, and pay bills weekly.  
a.     Completed up to 1/31/16
10.  Try 12 new recipes. I have been making the same old stuff when we are at home and think I need to try to liven up our meals.  
a.     As of 1/31/16 – One Pot Mexican Skillet Pasta
11.  Work in my yard/garden at least 12 times.
a.     January - Picked up branches and limbs in the yard
12.  Read 12 non-fiction books.
a.     Voices in the Ocean by Susan Casey
b.     The Words We Live By by Linda R. Monk
c.     Life by the Cup by Zhena Muzyka

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