Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Message of Peace

In “Peace Across the World” – A Global Message from  On an e-Journey with Generation Y,  annemirtschin talks about how her students were asked to compose messages for “Peace Across the World” for the World Peace Song project partners..."

Then she asks,
What would your message be?

Peace is when everyone can get along without violence even though we have our differences. We accept that we are all different people and can live with that. People can disagree but be okay that they don’t agree on everything. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and treated with respect. Peace is when we recognize that alone, everyone has strengths and weaknesses but if we all work together, we can be strong united. As a knitter, I know that one ply of yarn is not as strong as a 4 single strands plied together.

What would your message be? Please share.

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