Monday, September 15, 2014

Trip to New York 2014

DSCF0369Last week we spent time on Long Island, NY with my family. I was amazed how different the area looks like and then I realized that even though I spent my first 17 years here, I’ve been in South Carolina for 38!

It was a lot of fun going to my niece’s daughter’s soccer game over the weekend. I’m amazed how skilled the 10 to 12 year old girls were! It was also hotter than usual for New York so the humidity felt a lot like home!

Day 1 Pictures

Day 2 Pictures


NYC 2014 Day 1 Pictures

1. Parked near the Babylon train station (.25 for each hour so we put 15 quarters in the meter) while we took the train into New York City. It is so much fun to just people watch while we wander around the city. My husband loves to ride the trains and the subway! There are so many people in one area that we aren’t used to it!

2. Staten Island Ferry was free. We had great views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

3. Chinatown – saw where my mother grew up. Ate dim sum at Hop Shing (9 Chatham Square). Lunch cost $11 plus $2 tip. Saw a Chinese funeral. Walked through the park where a lot of elderly Chinese people were playing cards and some kind of board game.

4. Union Square – went to Lion Brand Yarn Studio

5. Times Square – stopped at Hard Rock CafĂ© (clean bathrooms). McDonalds had large teas for $1.

6. Broadway – found the August Wilson theater (Wed. Jersey Boys tickets). Stopped outside the Late Show with David Letterman. Henrik Lundquvist (goalie for the NY Rangers showed up!). Met Fernando (doorman of the Broadway Theater) who invited us in and gave us a tour of the theater which was playing Cinderella. He showed us the set and the costumes.

7. Radio City Music Hall

8. Rockefeller Center


NYC 2014 Day 2 Pictures

We started the day off by going to Brooklyn to the NY Transit Museum. Then we went to Grand Central Terminal which is still beautiful. After that we went to Chinatown again for lunch. After lunch we went to Wall St. and Federal Hall where George Washington took his oath as our first President.


NYC 2014 Day 3 Pictures

We had an awesome day in the city yesterday. We walked along the High Line park which was free. It was a park on an old elevated train track. Then we walked around the city until lunch time. We had lunch at Carnegie Deli where I had a pastrami sandwich which was so huge and cost $18! After lunch we went to see the Jersey Boys and it was fabulous! Even my hubby liked it and he usually doesn’t like musicals.


We spent the morning looking for an air pump because I left ours at home by mistake. This took all morning because my husband refused to buy one from the company called Slime. We ended up at Lowes and buying a Kobalt one. Then we met my sister and brother in law for lunch at TGI Fridays. In the afternoon we repacked our suitcases and then packed the car.

Things I Learned:

1. Youth League soccer games are fun to watch.

2. Allow people to get off the subway before getting on.

3. Reading train schedules can be daunting but eventually figured out.

4. Mondays are black Mondays on Broadway where most theaters do not have any shows playing.

5. Henrik Lundquvist will end up in the Hockey hall of fame

6. After walking 10 miles, my feet hurt!

7. The NY Transit Museum was worth seeing.

8. I’m glad we went to The High Line which was better than we expected.

9. Theodore Roosevelt was born in Manhattan in NY.

10. If you want to buy something at the store of a Broadway show, it is better to go after the show than during the intermission.

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