Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Carnival Sunshine 2014 Day 8, 9, 10 and 11

We stayed on the ship for another week (called a back to back). We stayed in the same cabin so we didn’t even have to pack up!

Day 8 (Debarkation and Embarkation): Here is the link to some pictures!
DSCF0201We arrived back at Port Canaveral and watched people get off the ship. At 10:30 we met in the lobby area and they escorted us off the ship to the first hallway where we met the customs agent. He looked at our passports and collected our customs slip and we immediately turned around and got back on the ship. We went up to the Havana Bar and waited for the lunch buffet to open. After lunch I met up with an online friend from Instagram that saw our pictures and let me know her and her family were coming aboard this week. After that we went up on the Serenity Deck and relaxed in one of the clamshells that gave us shade. When we got too hot we went back to the room to wait for the lifeboat drill which was much faster this week. After tDSCF0205he drill we went to the meet and greet with the cruise critic/Facebook friends. Around 5, we got a hamburger so we wouldn’t be starving by the time we had dinner at 8:30. It was a lovely day.

Day 9 (At Sea):

We had brunch in the dining room and we ordered the steak and eggs and a dessert. We sat with an interesting group of people and had a lovely chat but they ended up leaving before we ever got dessert. Finally we gave up on them ever bringing dessert so we left. We walked on the track before going to the food demonstration. After the demonstration we watched TV until tea time. We had another great conversation with a couple who are full time RVers (Don and Susan) and stayed there until they kicked us out of the dining room. After that we walked on the track again and by then it was time to get ready for the show and dinner. I sat with Becky (my Instagram friend) and her family. She told me that she would be going to the same knitting retreat I am going to next June! After dinner we went to the late night comedy show.

Day 10 (At Sea):

We had another lovely lazy day at sea yesterday. After breakfast we went to the future cruise and travel talk which was better than I expected. She talked about the different Carnival ships and their classes. She also talked about the Mastercard and four months ago they stopped charging foreign interaction fees which was exciting to us since we will be able to use it in Canada in a few weeks. The rest of the day we didn’t do much and I was able to finish Don’s scarf and cast on for my scarf. We tried to walk outside but the winds were over 50 miles an hour and they closed the sky deck. We watched the movie Grown Ups with Adam Sandler which was cute too. Before dinner we went to the show Studio VIP which featured songs from the 70s and we enjoyed it. I think the new group of dancers this week is much better than last weeks. Service at dinner is much better than last week too and I’m glad we are sitting at a different table.

We had a lovely day in Aruba yesterday even though we didn’t arrive until 1pm. We had breakfast and lunch on the ship. Then we walked around town for a few hours but it was so hot! We had planned on going to the beach but it was too windy and I didn’t want the sand blowing in my face all day. We stopped at Burger King at one end of town for a drink before we walked back towards the ship. I stopped at a department store and bought a sun dress for $10. When we got back to the ship I had a hamburger. Since we had seen the same show last week we didn’t go again and just went to dinner. I had a pork chop instead of my nightly steak and it was big and tough so I didn’t eat much of it. We had tiramisu for dessert. We weren’t supposed to leave until 10pm but we must have had everyone by 9:30 and the ship left then.

Things I wish others would learn:
1. If assigned seating at dinner is 8:15, you need to be on time. The waiters wait on their group at the same time. It really disrupts everyone’s meal if you show up at 9:00. This is not any-time dining so if you want that, you should switch to any-time dining.
2. Wearing hats in the dining room is inappropriate. There is a dress code for the evening dinner. Please follow it. Some of us like this part because it gives us a chance to dress up and have a nice sit down dinner. If you don’t want it, have dinner at the Lido deck buffet where you can wear what you want.
3. Don’t stand in the middle of the walk way and have a lengthy conversation with your family. It causes a bottleneck and everyone has to stand there and wait until you finish your conversation!
4. If there is a line waiting to get into an event (dinner, show, etc.) Don’t walk to the front of the line and try the door. Ask someone if this is the line for the event. It is not like we are standing in line just because we think it is a cool thing to do!
5. When getting on an elevator, wait for people to get off an elevator before trying to shove your way on to the elevator.

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