Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Heroes

herosIn The Importance of Heroes from Sioux's Page, Sioux asks,

“Who are your heroes?”

This would be a great activity to do with students. While visiting my niece, I saw that her fifth grade daughter had this writing prompt for the first week of school. Her son who is in his freshman year of college also had this writing prompt. Both children wrote about their dad who passed away suddenly last November. It would be interesting to see if students write about someone close to their lives or if they pick famous people they don’t know personally.

When I saw Sioux’s article, I decided to write about my heroes too. My heroes are close family members who are an inspiration to me.

1. My father – He will be 95 years old this year and he is the most positive person I know. He has never believed in the words “I can’t.” He came to the United States as a young child (around 11 years old) all by himself. He didn’t speak a word of English, arrived in Vancouver, Canada and took a train to Boston, MA to meet up with his father. Growing up, I always knew my father could fix anything. Even as an adult, he built shelves for my apartment after I graduated from college, visited us after I was married and did repairs on my house, and when I wanted worm compost bins, he made them for me. He and my step mom continue an active lifestyle and I’m so proud of him.

2. My oldest sister who passed away in 1974 from Lupus. At the time, little was known about lupus and I’m sure it was a scary time for her. At the time they didn’t give her long to live but she lived nine years after her diagnosis. She was only 27 when she passed away.

3. My middle sister who has lupus but bravely faces daily challenges. No one can really understand what she is going through but I know life is hard for her. She stays involved in different activities and we are closer to each other than ever now.

4. My 42 year old niece who lost her husband suddenly last November. She is a single mother now raising her ten year old daughter alone. She amazes me by keeping her young daughter involved in many different activities and keeping a smile on her face. We spent a week with them and I saw an endless supply of energy and patience. I know that I wouldn’t be able to ever do all that she is doing! I’m so proud of her!

5. My husband – he believes in me. If I want to try something new, he is more than willing to help me achieve my goal. I feel as if I am the center of his world and he makes me feel loved!

Who are your heroes? Please share!

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