Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Writing Tools

writingtoolsIn What Do You Count On? From Sioux's Page, Sioux asks,

“What writing tools (or tools of diversion) do you rely on?”

I didn’t think I had any until I sat down to write this post. I started thinking about the process I use to write a blog post and then all of the tools I use for this.

Here are the things I might use when writing my blog posts:

1.      My computer.
2.      Inspiration from other blogs, news stories, or something I’ve seen in person.
3.      Software such as Word or Google Doc to write up my article.
4.      Windows Live Writer – software I use to publish my post.
5.      Blogger – The platform I use for my blog.
6.      My camera – to take photos I might use on my blog.
7.      FlickrCC – a website I use to find photos with the creative commons license that allows me to use them on my blog.
8.      Social Media such as Facebook, Plurk, and Twitter to share the link to my post so others will read it.

What tools do you use when writing? Please share! I’d love to find out others that I might not have thought about using.

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