Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Favorite Place

homeIn Give Me Serenity! From Sioux's Page, Sioux asks

“What is your favorite place? Why does it draw you?”

This was really hard for me because we do a lot of traveling. We love going to new places and finding new things. We also like revisiting places we enjoyed. When I was thinking of all of the places we have been, I tried to decide which one was my favorite and I couldn’t do it. Then I realized why.

My favorite place is my home. Even though we travel a lot, I always look forward to coming home. Many people like their comfort food but I like the comfort of my home. We do a lot of traveling to many different places and I love traveling too but there is no place like home. I love sleeping in my own bed and being surrounded with all of my familiar things. I know how my internet works, my TV and all the channels that I like to watch, I can cook the foods that I like or go to restaurants that I’m used to.

I know what to expect when I’m home. I know where my grocery stores are and the food that I want to buy. I know my friends are near me and I will be able to see them. Familiar places are all around me and it is a comfort to me.

When we travel, I never know what to expect. I don’t know how the place we will sleep will be. Will it be clean? Will I find the bed comfortable? Will I be able to adjust the temperature? Will I feel safe?

Seeing new places is fun but I don’t know what to expect when we get there. What will we do? Will I like it? Will it be fun? What will the weather be like? Will it be expensive? Will we be able to find places to eat?

The actual traveling to places can be an adventure too. Will there be a lot of traffic? Will we find gas stations when we need it? Will the weather be nice while we are traveling?

Even though I don’t know what to expect, it is still fun to go on adventures but it is also great to come home.

This would be a great lesson to do with students. By answering this question, you also might get insight into their lives. By opening up a conversation with them about their lives, you could develop a better rapport with them. Your interest into something personal about them will help throughout the year as the students learn to open up to you more and this will also help with discipline in the classroom.

Where is your favorite place? Please share.

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Pat--Home IS a wonderful place. I agree. Sometimes--however--I wish my home was in southern France.

(I can dream, can't I?)