Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Memories

happyIn Keep your audience captivated: article in GTC Scotland magazine from Ewan McIntosh | Digital Media & Education, Ewan McIntosh asks,

"Take a moment to recollect your happiest memories as you learned something new. Where were you? What kind of activity did you undertake?

I learned to knit about seven years ago. I was at home alone and decided to teach myself to knit by watching YouTube videos. It is amazing how many videos there were out there on knitting and seeing different people using different techniques really helps to find one way that works for me. I loved being able to create something new that looked nice. It is so rewarding when others see the finished product and say how much they like it. I also found a local group who helps and supports me when I struggle with a problem. I learn so much from being a part of this group too.

I need to remember these memories and good feelings so I can help my students feel the same way.

Try to make the learning relevant. If there is a certain skill I want them to learn, can I find a way to teach it while focusing on a topic that they are interested in? If it is a topic they are interested in, they will be more engaged and willing to learn something new.

I want them to learn new things but they may to see different ways in order to find the best way that works for them. By expecting them to learn only one way may end up frustrating them more than helping them. Allow them to explore different ways until they find the way that works. This means I have to step back and give them time and space to find it.

Creating new things feels so good that I need to encourage my students to do the same thing. When they are creating things, I don’t have to worry about cheating and puts the burden of learning on the student. Besides that, creating is fun!

Allow students to get in groups to help each other. Sometimes students learn better from each other than from me. Sometimes they can explain things differently than I can. It never hurts to get a different perspective.

What happy memories do you have about learning? Please share.

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