Monday, September 29, 2014

Canada and New England Cruise 2014 Part 1

Last week we cruised on the Holland America Maasdam heading from Montreal to Boston. This was actually a continuation of the previous week’s cruise because this was a back to back cruise (14 days).

Day 1 (9/20/14 Montreal)

DSC_0071We didn’t have to check in again since we were already on the ship the week before. You can read about this day on my previous posts: Part 1 and Part 2. The most exciting thing was watching a fire start up on the roof of an apartment building and then blaze into a huge fire. (I later looked it up on line and no one was injured but it took 125 firemen to put it out!)

Day 2 (9/21/14 Quebec City)

Here’s the link to the pictures.

DSC_0005After breakfast we went out to the city again and it was much warmer than it was 2 days ago! Today had a low of 55F and a high of 67F (compared to the low of 35F the other day!). We walked along the  streets to past the Citadel and near the hotel with the round glass restaurant at the top. Then we walked back to the ship for lunch. After lunch we went to the movie theater to see the movie: X Men Days of Future Past which was pretty good. After dinner we went to the show and enjoyed it. We got a letter before dinner from the captain saying he is expecting about 13 foot waves during the night and tomorrow so make sure all loose items such as suitcases, cell phones etc. are all secure and to wear appropriate shoes. They also told where to get seasick medicine if needed. Tomorrow may be an interesting day!

Day 3 (9/22/14 St. Lawrence River)

After breakfast we did 2 loads of laundry. I was surprised that I was the only woman there and all of the others were men. I must not be training my hubby right! LOL At noon we had the Mariner luncheon. After lunch we went to the movie Fault In Our Stars which was good but a tear jerker. Then it was time for happy hour before we had to dress for the formal dinner. We had an early night since I only got about 4 hours sleep the night before because we went to bed late, had to turn our clocks forward one hour, and then I woke up early.

Day 4 (9/23/14 Prince Edward Island)

Here is the link to the pictures.

DSC_0013Prince Edward Island is referred to as PEI. We walked around town again but went to areas we didn’t go to last week. Then we stopped at the Northern Watters Knitwear store again to say hi to Bill (the owner). We also asked him about the Brewery tour that we thought about going on but from his reaction we decided not to do it. It sounded like a tourist trap to just make money. He wasn’t very positive or proud about them charging $10 for a microbrewery tour. So we walked around some more and then returned to the ship for lunch. After lunch we took a nap before happy hour where we bought some margaritas ($6.95 for the first one and $1 for the second one). At 7:30 we had a cocktail reception with the captain and senior staff which was nice. After dinner I hoped we would go to the Indonesian Crew show but there was a 90 minute gap until the show and we fell asleep and missed it!

Things I’ve learned:
1. Quebec City is pretty even if it is raining.
2. Always bring a rain poncho just in case it rains.
3. The washer cost $2 and the dryer $1.
4. People in the UK slap their children’s hand for putting their fork in their right hand after cutting their meat.
5. In northern England people think those who drink a New Castle brown ale can become loopy. Is also known as lunatics broth (but don’t say it to their faces)
6. Don’t take the brewery tour in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
7. In PEI, they always stop their cars to let tourists cross the road wherever they are trying to cross.

Original photos by Pat Hensley

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