Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monthly Review of Goals from October

GoalsOctober has come and gone along with the warm temperatures. It seems like it went from hot to cold and forgot about the gradual cool period of fall. It is time to review my goals and see how I did last month. All of my goals can be found here. The ones that are in bold are ones that I have already accomplished.

For the year:

1. I want to spin the alpaca fiber that I processed with some wool. (I accomplished this!)

2. I want to knit a sweater. (I’ve finished the Gnarled Oak cardigan and added these really cool wooden buttons!)

3. I want to dye yarn. (I just bought some acid dyes at SAFF to try.

4. I want to spruce up my gardens this year. (I’ve been out cutting back dead branches and spent stalks of flowers.)

5. I won’t commit to more to more than I can handle. (I am getting much better at this. In fact, I turned down a teaching opportunity that would have committed me to teaching from January to April.)

6. I will find something good in each day. (I have had a harder time with this lately because my allergies and a cold have kept me miserable.)

7. I will learn archery. (We had our lesson and hope to give it another try. I really enjoyed this but not sure I’m ready to invest a $1000 in bows and arrows for us.0

8. I will nurture old friendships. (I joined two friends and went to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival with them for the day.)

9. I will lose at least 20 lbs. this year. (I’m down 22 lbs. and inches off my measurements.)


1. I will eat healthy. (I haven’t done as well this month since we have done a lot of traveling.)

2. I will exercise. (I am hitting 10,000 steps regularly.)

3. I will stretch. (I stretch and do strength exercises for 20 minutes each day.)

4. I will read my bible. (I did better this month since I’ve found my old bible.)

5. I will do something that I have been avoiding. (I have a schedule on my Google calendar with a chore each day. This helps me get it accomplished before I do fun things.)

6. I will contact a friend and let them know I am thinking of them. (Every day I try to send an email or message through Facebook.)

7. I will be happy. (Consciously thinking this helps me start each day with a smile.)

I’m still doing pretty well with my goals. Knowing that I have to update this each month helps me stay current and that daily things don’t fall by the wayside. I think I will do this again next year.

Have you reviewed your goals or resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? How are you doing? If you haven’t achieved something yet, don’t give up. Just begin now.

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