Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tech Tips 2013

technology(I recently attended the SC Ed Tech 2013 Conference. One of the great reasons I like this conference is that it is in my town so I don’t have to pay for a hotel! The other reason is that I connect with so many other educators. I always pick up something new from a session and if I don’t learn something new, I’m always looking at how the material is presented in order to hone my own presentation skills. For the next few days I plan on sharing the notes that I took from the sessions.)

Tech tips 2013 by Robert Sherer (EB Morse Elem.)

He showed different web tools/sites:

Poll everywhere
Qrafter - Visual bookmarks (15 -20sites)
Random student picker Score keeper
Culturegrams (part of discus). -
Animated history -, grade level, state, then go, then part of history
Pete's power points
Tween tribune - current events middle school (tt jr. -up to 2nd graders) Teen tribune - teenagers Screenshots Math practice IXL ( 20problems per day is free
Rubistar - rubric creator
American rhetoric - Jesus and sermon on the mount, we need a bigger boat
Kids zone
create a graph

Find my iPhone/iPad
Class dojo

My Takeaway:
Print the QR code out on a piece of paper for people rather than one big one on the screen. Instead of a QR code for each site, it would have been better for a QR code to the list of sites that included the hyperlink for each. People love lists of great sites because this session was standing room only and people were sitting on the floor all around. Some of the sites looked great but I will have to look up the links for each one when I have time.

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