Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Lessons

LittleHouse Book 2 of the series by Laura Ingalls Wilder was another book that I read this summer. I wanted to read this series from the viewpoint of an adult and a teacher to see how to make this novel relevant in the classroom.

I think the lessons could be adapted to any grade level. It could be informational on the lower levels and it could be a research topic for the upper levels. Upper levels could also do the research and teach a lesson to the lower levels. I can also see lessons being taught through Universal Design for Learning and have students exhibit their understanding in a variety of ways.

These are topics to be used in project based lessons:

1. Traveling by wagon
2. Heading into Indian country.
3. Traveling across ice covered rivers.
4. Thawing of ice.
5. Indian Territory
6. Missouri River
7. Starting fires on prairie land.
8. Fire safety.
9. Wolves
10. Gophers
11. Hunting game for survival
12. Building a house
13. Fiddle Music
14. Building Doors
15. Building a fireplace.
16. Being Good Neighbors
17. Indian clothing
18. Making beds
19. Candles and gas
20. Texas Longhorns
21. Milking cows
22. Malaria

Have you read this book from an adult point of view? What other lessons would be useful for the classroom? Please share.

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