Monday, October 14, 2013

Affordable and simple enhancements for Screencasting

I recently attended the SC Ed Tech 2013 Conference. One of the great reasons I like this conference is that it is in my town so I don’t have to pay for a hotel! The other reason is that I connect with so many other educators. I always pick up something new from a session and if I don’t learn something new, I’m always looking at how the material is presented in order to hone my own presentation skills.  For the next few days I plan on sharing the notes that I took from the sessions.

Ben Daniel presented on the “flipped classroom.”

Instead of being the sage on the stage, be the guide on the side.

Activity based, group work

Aaron Sams and John Bergman started it

Kids without Internet - Google drive or web page for Internet so kids can go to the library or use someone’s computer; those with computer but no internet can use 2 G flash drive; kids with no computer - use rewritable DVD.

Don't spend too much time on video. You are presenting the material not teaching it.

Make it interesting!

Video game music in the background gets their attention

Possible Programs:
Explain everything
Screen chomp
Action movie
iMovie - $5

For more information Ben Daniel teaches at John W. Moore middle school in Florence, SC.

My takeaway:
I think this would be an effective way to use class time more wisely. This would take more time on the teacher’s part but it makes sense. I liked the suggestions for students without internet or computers.

Do you use this strategy? Share your opinion about it.

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