Monday, March 15, 2021

Oral Hygiene

I did not take care of my teeth when I was young and I have a lot of fillings and crowns. I wish there was more instruction when I was younger. I have a twisted tooth because I tried opening a medicine bottle with my teeth. Here are some great resources to share with students.

5 Dental Health Printable Activities to Teach Kids About Oral Hygiene – Printables include “a tooth brushing chart, fun stickers, an official tooth tracker, coloring page and a receipt for the tooth fairy to leave behind after she visits.”

Oral Hygiene Lesson Plans – “By sharing these sample presentations and resources with your class, you can help educate students of all ages think about and discuss the importance of dental health. This section contains exercises ranging from learning and coloring the different parts of the tooth to more dynamic lessons that engage preteen students on why making smart choices can protect their teeth and health.”

Smile Smarts Dental Health Curriculum – “Smile Smarts! is dental health curriculum for preschool through grade eight students offering flexible, modular lesson plans, support materials, hands-on classroom demonstrations, student activity sheets, and suggestions for future dental health activities.”

30 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Oral Health – “Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or simply someone who wants to help kids in your community live healthier lives, we’ve compiled lots of engaging resources to make teaching easy and learning fun!”

Photo by Rudi Fargo on Unsplash

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