Monday, March 22, 2021

March 2021 Stamp Show

This past Saturday, our Cresthaven Stamp Club hosted a free Stamp Show. There were 8 vendors and approximately 60 attendees. It was a marvelous day and I think a very successful show. While I’m not a stamp collector, I did work the registration desk most of the day and really enjoyed welcoming people and listening to all the wonderful conversations. One member, Dan Maddalino, had three education displays set up and I find those extremely fascinating and educational.

Attendees included veteran stamp collectors to new collectors. One father brought his young daughter to learn about stamp collecting because she was going to inherit his collection. A teacher had heard about the show and brought her grandfather. One man showed up and was so excited that he left and brought back his family. Some people were interested in US stamps while others were interested in foreign stamps. One man showed up because he was interested in learning how to start collecting stamps so the president of the club, Bob Burr,  took time to show him how to get started. One man came with postcards and wanted to know if the postcards he inherited had any value, so a member of our club who collects postcards went through them and explained to him why they were valuable. There were people of all ages and all cultures who attended. Masks and social distancing were expected.

I learned a lot just by listening to all the conversations and asking questions. If you happen to see a stamp show close to you, I recommend you taking the time to bring your family and have some fun.

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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