Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Email Replies

When I get an important (either to me or someone that is important to me) email, I try to reply within 12 hours of getting the message. If I can’t give a solid answer, I confirm that I got the email and I’m working towards getting an answer for the person.

If a parent of a student emails me, I try to reply as soon as possible. If a parent contacts me, they usually have a concern or a problem. If they have a problem, I do not want it to escalate where we are reacting instead of solving the problem. If they have a concern, I want to ease their worries as soon as possible just the way I would want to be treated if I was that parent.

Recently I had a graduate student ask for a zoom meeting which we’ve done several times already. I have no problem meeting with students when they have questions or concerns. When she asked for a specific date and time, I set up the meeting so we could meet at her convenience. Unfortunately, I waited 15 minutes and she never showed up. So, I emailed her that since she didn’t show up, I left. I still have no reply to my email with an apology or an excuse.

I also had an undergraduate student who has not turned in several assignments and her grade is dropping. When I emailed her about my concerns, she did not reply. After a week, I finally had to refer her to our academic assistance team.

If I’m taking a course and the instructor emails me asking for a response, I would definitely consider this an important email and respond as soon as possible. I want to show this person respect and make sure that I answer any questions that are required.

Not replying to an important email is rude and disrespectful. I don’t feel you have to reply immediately but replying within a reasonable amount of time is the right thing to do. When you don’t reply, you come across as unreliable and uncooperative.

Replying to emails can help you be more successful in the classroom and in life.

How do you feel about replying to emails? Please share.

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