Thursday, April 12, 2018

Taking Care of National Treasures

When I lead second graders on a hike, I try to instill in them the value of taking care of nature and the things that surround them. I point out a huge oak tree that has been there since my husband was there as a child. They always look in awe because they look at my husband and think he is REALLY old! I explain that we need to take care of these things because they can’t take care of themselves. If we don’t, they may not be around for their children.

So when I saw this article about the family who scratched graffiti in a natural arch, it made me mad. I can’t understand why he thought he was more important than anyone else who visits that arch. Whenever anyone else takes a photo of it, his message is stuck in their pictures! Witnesses around him even told him to stop defacing the arch but he ignored them. Then he had his children switch his car tags which is strange because who carries around a spare set of tags? Maybe he makes a practice of doing illegal things.

After pictures were posted on social media and he was identified, he comes forward to apologize. He only did this after he was caught! Now he is afraid of how it will affect his business – Andersen Hitches.  He should because I wouldn’t do any business with him. What kind of ethics and values does he have in his business life if he doesn’t have any in his personal life?

So, I encourage people that if they see someone doing something illegal at national parks and monuments or state parks, take a photo and show a ranger. Take a photo of the car and tag that the people are in. Don’t try to confront the person because that could turn out messy. Let the authorities handle it. If people hadn’t done this, this family would not have been caught.

Nature belongs to all of us and if we don’t take care of it, it won’t be there for the next generations.

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