Monday, April 30, 2018

Selfish Acts Bug Me

Definition of Selfish: according to Merriam-Webster -  “: concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others

I’m surprised how many people I come across every day that seems to be so selfish and self-centered! This makes me tend to work hard at trying hard to be the opposite. I think by being aware of actions that bug me, I can try not to do the same things. Here are some examples that really bug me.

1.     People who walk in the middle of an aisle in a parking lot and block the car trying to drive through.

2.     People who walk through a door and don’t hold it for the person behind them. 

3.     People who start entering an elevator before letting people get out.

4.     Groups that will block an entire sidewalk and walk slowly so no one else can pass.

5.     People that purposely take up 2 parking places with their car.

6.     People who use their phones for long conversations in restaurants.

7.     These same people who speak very loudly during these long conversations.

8.     People who block traffic waiting for that “perfect” parking place up close to the store’s door when there is an empty space just 2 cars past it.

9.     People at a buffet who block the food while they stand there and try to make a decision what to eat.

10.  People at a buffet who can’t seem to put enough on their plate and stack it a mile high! (Do they not realize that they can always come back for more?)

11.  People who don’t want to stand in line and cut in front of other people. (I’m always amazed at how many people do this!)

12.  People who see a sign that a lane is closed but insist on driving in that lane until the last minute. Then they cut in the line of traffic because they didn’t want to get in the back of the line.

13.  People who cut you off on the interstate because they are in a hurry and want to get in the fastest lane. They risk everyone’s lives just to get a couple of cars ahead of where they were.

14.  People who text and drive. (This is just stupid as well as selfish!)

I think this would be a great discussion with my students. Maybe no one is making them aware that these actions are selfish or bad manners. The more people are made aware of how people perceive their actions, they might change.

What selfish actions bug you? Please share.

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