Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Know More - Game

This game could be played with any age group and use any topic. It involves reading, research, a little math for scoring, listening skills, and a competitive spirit.

1.     Break class into two groups.
2.     Give the topic. (For example, Bermuda, squirrels, cobras, thunder, Einstein)
3.     Each group researches the topic for a certain amount of time and writes down interesting facts about the topic in a list. Number each item.
4.     When the game begins, flip a coin or choose which team will go first.
5.     They give a fact and gets one point. They need to write the initials of the person who gave that fact by the number.
6.     Another group gives a different fact, gets a point, and writes the initials of the person who gave that fact.
7.     This continues so that all of the different facts are given.
8.     If one team gives a fact already given, they lose a point.
9.     If one team runs out of facts, the points are added up.  
10.  The team with the most points wins.

I think this would be a fun game and the stutdents would enjoy it.

Photo by duangbj on Reshot

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