Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Facts about Bermuda

We are going on a cruise to Bermuda and thought I would learn a little information about it before we arrive. Here are some interesting facts that I’ve learned about Bermuda.

1.     Bermuda is in the Atlantic Ocean.
2.     It is east of North Carolina.
3.     Bermuda consists of 181 islands.
4.     The area is 21 square miles
5.     The capital city is Hamilton.
6.     Population – 69,080
7.     Highest point is Town Hill
8.     Currency is the Bermudian dollar. $1 US = $1 Bermudian dollar
9.     It is a British colony.
10.  It is self-governing with its own government, but the UK defends it.
11.  Tourism, banking and international business are its primary industries.
12.  Founded in 1505.
13.  Fruits and vegetables are grown locally but meat is imported from the US and Canada.
14.  Drinking water is distilled from sea water.
15.  More than 30 sporting clubs are found in an area of 21 square miles.
16.  Soccer and cricket are the national ports.
17.  Horseshoe Bay is one of the most popular beaches.
18.  More than 600 species of fish live in the surrounding waters.
19.  Native Bermudians refer to themselves as “onions.”
20.  Nonresidents may not drive cars on Bermuda so rental cars are not available.
21.  There is no sales tax on the island.
22.  Most restaurants charge 15%-17% service charge.
23.  All day bus fare is $19 or $3.50 for 3 zones. You need exact change.

Have you ever been to Bermuda? Do you have any tips you can share?

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