Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My Photos

“I’m always curious about what people do with their photos either personally or professionally.”

I take a lot of photos and I enjoy learning how to take better photos. I’m not sure I’ll ever get great at it but I like to see my improvement. I also like when I take a photo that looks good. So, one of the things I do is reflect on my photos and how I can make them better.

Depending on the situation, I may use photos for different things.

When I’m writing a blog post about my travels, I upload my photos to Flickr and link them to my post. This way I can always go back to them if I want to see where we have been.

When I take photos of hikes I’m on with my hiking group, I like to share my photos with the rest of the group. Everyone seems to enjoy looking back on the fun we had.

I like to take photos and sharing interesting things with my Instagram friends. I like looking at their photos also. It makes me feel connected with many of my friends locally and those far away.

Sometimes I take photos of things to document them in case I need proof. Many times I take photos of advertised prices of items so when it rings up wrong at the cash register, I can show the price that was advertised.

I might take photos of serial numbers so that I can enlarge them if I need to register an item. This is especially useful if the number is in a hard to see spot and I can use my phone camera to take a photo.

When I’m teaching my practicum course, I like to take a photo of my students (the teachers) and their students (the children) so I can show my department head and others what we do during our program. I like to video their final presentations also. This is helpful to show the student’s in my next year’s class.

How do you use your photos? Please share.

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