Thursday, July 23, 2015

Students Dealing With Stress

Last week I talked about stress busting and a reader asked me what I would suggest for students dealing with stress. What a great question! Different activities depend on the age of the student but here is a list of things that a teacher might use to help a student who is under stress.

Stress from a current situation:
Remove them from the situation and let them go somewhere to calm down.
Count to 10 (or 50 or even 100).
Listening to calming music.

Stress in their lives over time:
Deep breathing exercises.
Squeezing a stress ball (like in the picture)
Aerobic exercises (jumping jacks, running)
Yoga exercises.
Writing in a journal.
Writing a letter to someone. 
Listening to calming music.
Drawing or coloring.

Do you have any other suggestions that I might have left off? Please share!

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