Monday, July 6, 2015

By The Numbers

Last week we got back from a wonderful road trip! Join me in looking at the numbers:

Days traveled: 19
Miles traveled: 3761
Daily Average Expenses: $197
States entered once: 10
States entered total: 14
Hotels stayed in: 8
Restaurants eaten in: 27
McDonalds eaten in: 5
People who came to knit with me in a hotel: 2
Hotel Shuttles used: 16
Trains rode on: 17
Buses rode on: 4
Museums visited: 8
National Lakeshores: 2
Drones bought: 2
Knitting retreat attended: 1
5K completed: 1
Gnome crayons received: 1 pack
Travel companion: 1 wonderful husband
Anniversary celebrated:1 (33 years and going strong)
New friends made: Too many to count! 

Original Photo by Pat Hensley

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