Monday, January 20, 2014

Word of the Year – Support

support Each year I like to think of a word or theme for the year and this year my word is SUPPORT.

I’ve been so blessed with such wonderful things in my life and this year I want to be more supportive of my family and friends.

Instead of doing the Photo A Day project this year, I plan on going to Flickr and leaving more comments on other people’s photos. I want to comment more on the composition, color, details, or shapes.

I plan on leaving more comments on the blogs that I read. Not just general comments but comments that invite more conversation.

I want to do more scrapbooking and look at other people’s scrapbook pages. By leaving a comment on their gallery pages, I can support their creativity.

I am trying to lose weight and using MyFitnessPal and Fitbit. My online friends there have been so supportive of me and I want to be more supportive of them too.

What word or theme would you like to guide you this year? Please share.

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